The Diaz Sign
Art Mission

At Diaz Sign Art, we are committed to helping our clients stand out and look professional. We use only the highest quality materials to create one of a kind, long lasting outdoor signs, public art, and advertisements. We strive to create memorable, eye catching designs and promise to always keep our clients’ best interests in mind.

A Family

Diaz Sign Art has been providing quality signs and designs for over forty years. We are more than just employers and employees, we are a family. Each one of us has our own specialty and together we make a great team. Because our name is attached to everything that we make, you can be sure that your project will be done right. We take pride in the quality of work that we do.

An Award Winning Business

“We take pride in not only the quality of work that we provide but also our community.” In 2009, during a recession, the Diaz family helped organize a Walldog Mural Festival in their hometown Pontiac, IL, which hosted 150 mural artists. 17 murals were hand painted in only 4 days! Shortly after saying goodbye to all of their Walldog friends that summer, they were awarded with the Citizen(s) of the Year award and also the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Award. The Diazs’ sign work and articles can also be seen in several different issues of popular sign making trade magazines, such as SignCraft, Signs of Times, and Sign Builder Illustrated.

In 2011 Joe Diaz was named the only finalist from the United States for the CorelDRAW International Design Contest for his Steampunk Stella’s design. His design later went on to win the grand prize. Since then, Joe has placed in every CorelDRAW International Design Contest that has followed and has been named a CorelDRAW Master. Corel chooses a handful of designers and artists from around the world to join the CorelDRAW Masters program. These individuals come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and all share one thing in common: an outstanding technical proficiency and passion for CorelDRAW.

Our History

Bill Diaz started Diaz Sign Art in 1979. Originally the name of the business was Diaz Painting and Decorating. The emphasis of the business in those first couple years was painting and wallpapering. Sign painting played a minor role. However, the increase in demand for hand lettered signs coupled with Bill’s artistic background, soon led to the restructuring of the business with an emphasis on creating custom, hand-crafted signs, murals, pinstriping and designs. And so Diaz Sign Art was born.

Diaz Sign Art has enjoyed many talented craftsmen over the years, but the Diaz Sign Art today is 100% family owned and operated. It began with Bill asking his wife Jane, who was teaching art at a local grade school, to come work with him instead. Their two sons, Ben and Joe, who would help around the shop as kids would later come back to work for Diaz Sign Art as adults. Each member of the family has their own specialty, which has really helped the company grow.