A Different Breed of Muralist

The Walldogs are a group of highly skilled sign painters and mural artists from all over the globe. The Walldog Movement is quickly gaining popularity, and is a great way for small towns to boost their tourism. Imagine a “pack” of talented artists descending upon your town to paint the most beautiful murals you can imagine. Every wall that a fellow Walldog touches springs to life with images of local places, people, and products that have historic significance to each town.

There are a few ways to invite the Walldogs to your community. One way is to host a “Walldog Festival” and the other way is to commission Walldog Artists to paint one or more murals.  To learn more about those two options select one of the options below.


Once a year, hundreds of Walldogs gather in one lucky town or city to paint multiple murals and old-fashioned wall advertisements. This meet – or festival – is usually held during the span of 4 or 5 days ending on a Sunday.

Typically a Walldog Festival can be held in conjunction with other local events to help draw in spectators and to also share event resources. After the festival is over and the artists pack up their brushes and head home, The Walldogs leave behind beautiful, handcrafted and professionally painted murals depicting that towns rich history. Don’t wait too long to contact the Walldogs. Communities are lining up to reserve their spot for future events.

The Walldogs will typically only meet once a year for a Walldog Festival. Most Walldogs have businesses of their own and can only afford to leave their busy shops or set aside time in their busy schedules to participate in a Walldog Festival once a year.

Due to the growing popularity of the Walldog Movement, there will likely be a waiting line for the next available date to hold a festival in your community. If you wish to see The Walldogs’ quality work in your area but for whatever reason cannot wait for the next available opening, you do have the option to hire Walldog artists in your area and commission them to paint in your town.

This Year's Event
The Greatest Walls on Earth
Delavan, WI June 24-28 2015

Starting June 24–28, 2015 the Walldogs will arrive to put that past into beautiful, colorful Murals on the walls of Delavan. These Murals will represent the newest piece of Delavan history and will be preserved for years, long after the Walldogs have finished.

For more information & to register for this event click here.

Upcoming Events
  • Marshall, IL   –  June 22-26 2016
  • Butler, PA   –  July 2016
  • Beaver Dam, WI   –  Summer 2017
  • Streator, IL  –  Summer 2018

Walldogs paint murals all over the world, however there have been 28 communities that have hosted walldog festivals


What is truly amazing is that all of these murals are painted within 3 to 4 days during a Walldog Festival.


The number of sign painters, mural artists and organizers that participate year after year is constantly growing.


There seems to be no end in sight. The Walldog Movement and the bond these painters share gets stronger every year.